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File format for uploading on Nivoda
File format for uploading on Nivoda
Fields and values that Nivoda accepts when uploading your file.
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In order to upload your stock file successfully, please find below the fields and values that we accept.

You can download an example file here:

Please note that all field names are case insensitive, so it doesn't matter if its Size or SIZE .

The required fields are:
Stock #, Shape, Size, Cut, Color, Clarity, Polish, Symmetry, Fluorescence Intensity, Fluorescence Color, Measurements, Depth %, Table %, Lab, Certificate #, Location, Final Price, Treatment and Availability.

A description of each field, the possible names and values can be found below.

In addition to the required fields, we also have optional fields. The more information you provide, the better your listing will be and the more confidence buyers will have in your stock.

The optional fields are:
Eye Clean, Shade, Milky, Fancy Color, Fancy Intensity, Fancy Color Overtone, Girdle, Girdle %, Girdle Condition, Culet Size, Culet Condition, Crown Height, Crown Angle, Pavilion Height, Pavilion Angle, Inscription, Certificate Comment, Black Inclusion, White Inclusion, Open Inclusion, Key To Symbols, Mine of Origin, Canada Mark Eligible

The media fields are:
Image, Video, CertificatePdf
If you don't have these in your file, you can upload them after uploading your stock list and link them manually.  

Required Fields:

Stock #

Possible field names:
ReferenceNum, ReferenceNumber, Stock, Stock Num, Stock_no, StockNo, StockNum, StockNumber, VenderStockNumber, Stock Id, Stock_id, Stock #
Possible values:
The stock number for your item.


Possible field names:
Shape, Shp, Cut (Shape)
Possible values:
Round = B, BR, RB, RD, RBC, Round Brilliant, RND
Pear = P, PS, PSH, PB, PMB, Pear Shape, Pears
Emerald = E, EM,EC, Emerald, Emerald Cut
Square Emerald = SQE, SQEM, SX, SQ Emerald, Square Emerald, SM
Princess = PRN, PR, PRIN, PN, PC, MDSQB, SMB
Marquise = MQB, M, MQ
Asscher = A, CSS, CSSC, AC
Baguette = BAG, BG
Tapered Baguette = TBAG
Tapered Bullet = TBU, Tapered Bullet Brilliant
Calf = Calf, CLF
Briolette = Briolette, BRIO, BRIOLET, BT
Bullets = BU
Cushion Brilliant = CB, Cushion Brilliant
European Cut = EU, European, EuropeanCut
Flanders = FL, FC
Half Moon = HM, HMB
Heart = H, HS, HT, MHRC
Hexagonal = HEX, Hexagon
Kite = K, KT
Lozenge = LOZ
Octagonal = Octagonal, OC, Octagon
Old Miner = OM,
Old European = OEB,
Oval = O, OV, OMB
Pentagonal = PEN
Radiant= R, RAD, RA, RC, RDN, CRB, RCRB
Square Radiant= Sq Radiant, SQR, CCSMB
Rose = RS, RRC
Shield = SH
Square = SQ, MSB
Star = S, ST
Trapezoid = TP, TRAP, TRAPB, TZ, Trapeze
Triangle = Triangular, TRI, MTRB
Other = X, BAT


Possible field names:
Carat, Carats, CaratSize, CaratWeight, Ct, CtSize, CtWeight, Weight, Sz, Size
Possible values:
Enter a value from 0.01 to 999. Rounded to two decimal points.


Possible field names:
Cut, CutGrade, Cut Grade
Possible values:
IF = Internally Flawless, Ideal, ID, IF
EX = Excellent, EXC, EX, EX+
VG = Very Good, VG
GD = Good, GD
FR = Fair, FR, F
PR = Poor, PR, P


Possible field names:
Col, Color, Colr, Colour
Possible values:
D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O,P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z


Possible field names:
Cla, Clar, Clarity, Purity  
Possible values:
FL, IF, VVS1, VVS2, VS1, VS2, SI1, SI2, SI3, I1, I2, I3


Possible field names:
Pol, Finish, Polish  
Possible values:
EX = Excellent, EXC, EX, EX+
VG = Very Good, VG
GD = Good, GD
FR = Fair, FR, F
PR = Poor, PR, P


Possible field names:
Sym, Symm, Symmetry  
Possible values:
EX = Excellent, EXC, EX, EX+
VG = Very Good, VG
GD = Good, GD
FR = Fair, FR, F
PR = Poor, PR, P

Fluorescence Intensity

Possible field names:
Flr, Fluo, FloInt, FlrIntensity, Fluo Intensity, Fluor, Fluor Intensity, Fluorescence, Fluorescence Intensity, FluorescenceIntensity, FluorIntensity
Possible values:
Very Strong =  VST, VSTG, V. Strong, V. Str, Very StgStrong = S, STG, STR, ST, StrongMedium = M, Med, Medium, Medium BlueFaint/Slight = F, FN, FNT, Faint, SL, Slight, SLTVery Slight = VSL, VS, V.Slight, Very SlightNone = N, NN, NON, None, NIL

Fluorescence Color

Possible field names:
FlrColor, FloCol, Fluorescence Color, Fluo Color, Fluor Color, FluorColor, FluorescenceColor  
Possible values: Blue = B, Blue, BL
White = W, White, WH
Yellow = Y, Yellow, YL
Orange = O, Orange, OR
Red = R, Red
Green = G, Green, BG
None = N, None, NIL, NON
(if it is left blank, the value will be N)


Possible field names:
Meas, Measurements, Measurement, Dimensions, Dim  
Possible values: Example: 8.93 x 6.44 x 3.82 or 8.93 x 6.44 * 3.82 

You can also specify the values individually:
Possible field names:
Measurements Width, Width, MeasurementsWidth
Possible values: 6.44  
Possible field names:
Measurements Length, Length, MeasurementsLength
Possible values: 8.93
Possible field names:
Measurements Depth, Height, MeasurementsDepth, MeasHeight
Possible values: 3.82

Depth %

Possible field names:
Depth, Depth %, Depth Percent, DepthPct, DepthPercent, Dpth, TotalDepth  
Possible values: 62.40 or 62.40%

Table %

Possible field names:
Table, Table %, Table Percent, TablePct, TablePercent, Tbl  
Possible values: 60.40 or 60.40%


Possible field names:
Cert, Certificate, Laboratory, Lab  
Possible values: GIA, IGI, HRD
Currently we only work with these 3 certificates.

Certificate Number

Possible field names:
Cert Num, CertID, Certificate #, CertificateID, CertificateNum, CertificateNumber, CertNo, CertNum, CmPub, Certificate Number
Possible values: the certificate number


Possible field names:
Country, CountryLocation, Location, City, State  
Possible values: the physical location

Price Per Carat

Possible field names:

PPC, PerCarat, Rapnet Price, RapnetPrice, Price Per Carat, PricePerCarat, Per Ct.

Possible values: the USD price per carat of the diamond

Final Price

Possible field names:
Total Value, Cash Value, Total Price, Final Price, Net Value
Possible values: the final USD price of the diamond


Possible field names:
Avail, Availability, Status, Available, Stage
Possible values:
Available = A, GA, Guaranteed Available, Available, Guaranteed
Memo = Memo, M, OnMemo, On Memo
Hold = Hold, H, Subject To Prior Sale
Not Available = any value other than the above, will result in the diamond not being available in the feed. 

Optional Fields:

Eye Clean

Possible field names:
EC, EyeClean, Eye Clean
Possible values:
Yes = Yes, 100%, 100, Eye Clean, E0
Borderline = Borderline, 90%, 90, E1
No = No, Not Eye Clean, 0%, 0, E2


Possible field names:
Shade, Brown, Shd, SHD
Possible values:
Brown = BR, Brown, VLB, VVLB, Very Light Brown, Very Very Light Brown, Light Brown, LB, Faint Brown, FB, Heavy Brown, HB, Very Heavy Brown, VHB

The same applies for:
Yellow, Green, Grey, Black, Pink, Blue, Mixed, Other


Possible field names:
Milky, Milkiness, Mlk, Cloud, Cloudiness
Possible values:
Not Milky = excellent, ex, no milky, not milky, NN, N, M0
Light Milky = Light Milky, M1 , Light
Medium Milky = Medium Milky, M2, Medium, MED
Heavy Milky = Heavy Milky, M3, Heavy

Fancy Color

Possible field names:
FancyColor, FancyColorMainBody, FC-Main Body, FCMainBody
Possible values:
BK = Black
B = Blue
BN = Brown
CH = Chameleon
CM = Champagne
CG = Cognac
GY = Gray, Grey
G = Green
O = Orange
P = Pink
PL = Purple
R = Red
V = Violet
Y = Yellow
W = White, WH
X =Other, OT

For two colors, you can separate with a hyphen or a space. Example: Blue-Green, Blue Green, B-G, B G

Fancy Intensity

Possible field names:
FancyColorIntensity, FCIntensity, FC-Intensity
Possible values:
Faint = Faint, F
Very Light = Very Light, VL
Light = Light, L
Fancy Light = Fancy Light, FCL, FL
Fancy = Fancy, FC
Fancy Dark = Fancy Dark, FCD
Fancy Intense = Fancy Intense, FI, I
Fancy Vivid = Fancy Vivid, FV, Vivid, V
Fancy Deep = Fancy Deep, DP, Deep, FD

Fancy Color Overtone

Possible field names: FancyColorOvertone, FancyColorOvertones, FCOvertone  
Possible values: Overtone of the color such as Purplish-Brown,  or Purplish Brown


Possible field names: Girdle, Grdl, Gird 

You will have to enter both min and max in this field, such as THN-MED. If thats not possible, you can use GirdleMin and Girdle Max as listed below.

Possible values:
Slightly Thick = STK, SLTK,SLTHK
Medium = M, MED, MD
Thin = TN, THN
Slightly Thin = STN, SLTN, SLTHN
Extremely Thin = XTN, XTHN, EXTN, ETN, EN, XN

Girlde MinPossible field names: GirdleMin, GirdleThin 

Girdle MaxPossible field names: GirdleMax, GirdleThick  

Girdle %

Possible field names:
Girdle Percent, GirdlePct
Possible values: the girdle %

Girdle Condition

Possible field names:
Girdle Condition, GirdleCon  
Possible values:
Polished = P, Polished
Faceted = F, Faceted
Bruted = B, Bruted

Culet Size

Possible field names:
Culet, Culet Size, CuletSize, Culet_size, CuletGrade
Possible values:
Extremely Large = Extremely Large, EL
Very Large = Very Large, VL
Large = Large, L
Slightly Large = Slightly Large, SL
Medium = Medium, M, Med
Small = Small, S, SM
Very Small = Very Small, VS
None = None, N, NN

Culet Condition

Possible field names:
Culet Condition, Culet_Condition, CuletCondition
Possible values:
Pointed = Pointed, P
Abraded = Abraded, A
Chipped = Chipped, C

Crown Height

Possible field names:
Crown, Crown Percent, CrownHeight, CrownPct, CH
Possible values: the crown height

Crown Angle

Possible field names:
CrownAngle, CrownAngl, CA  
Possible values: the crown angle

Pavilion Height/Depth

Possible field names:
Pavil, Pavilion, Pavilion Percent, PavilionDepth, PavilionPct, PH  
Possible values: the pavilion height or depth

Pavilion Angle

Possible field names:
Pavilion Angle, PA, PavAngle, PavilionAngle
Possible values: the pavilion angle


Possible field names: Inscr, Inscription, Laser Inscription
Possible values: the inscription

Certificate Comment

Possible field names: Cert Comment, Certificate Comment  
Possible values: the comment of the certificate

Black Inclusion

Possible field names:
Black Inclusion, BI  

It is also possible to specify table and crown inclusions separately, the field names will then be BT  and BC  

Possible values:
No Black Inclusions = None, NN, N
Black Table Meaningless = BT0, Black Table Meaningless
Black Table Small = BT1, Black Table Small
Black Table Medium = BT2, Black Table Medium
Black Table Large = BT3, Black Table Large
Black Crown Meaningless = C0, BC0, Black Crown Meaningless
Black Crown Small = BC1, Black Crown Small
Black Crown Medium = BC2, Black Crown Medium
Black Crown Large = BC3, Black Crown Large

White Inclusion

Possible field names:
White Inclusion, WI  

It is also possible to specify table and crown white inclusions separately, the field names will then be WT and WC  

Possible values:
No White Inclusions = None, NN, N
White Table Meaningless = WT0, White Table Meaningless
White Table Small = WT1, White Table Small
White Table Medium = WT2, White Table Medium
White Table Large = WT3, White Table Large
White Crown Meaningless = W0, WC0, White Crown Meaningless
White Crown Small = WC1, White Crown Small
White Crown Medium = WC2, White Crown Medium
White Crown Large = WC3, White Crown Large

Open Inclusion

Possible field names: Open Inclusion, OI  

It is also possible to specify open table, crown, pavilion and girdle inclusions separately. The field names will then be: OT , OC , OP , OG  

Possible values:
Open Table Small = OT1, Open Table Small
Open Table Medium = OT2, Open Table Medium
Open Table Large = OT3, Open Table Large
Open Crown Small = OC1, Open Crown Small
Open Crown Medium = OC2, Open Crown Medium
Open Crown Large = OC3, Open Crown Large
Open Pavilion Small = OP1, Open Pavilion Small
Open Pavilion Medium = OP2, Open Pavilion Medium
Open Pavilion Large = OP3, Open Pavilion Large
Open Girdle Small = OG1, Open Girdle Small
Open Girdle Medium = OG2, Open Girdle Medium
Open Girdle Large = OG3, Open Girdle Large

Key To Symbols

Possible field names:
KeyToSymbols, Key, KTS, Key To Symbols  
Possible values:
Bearding, Brown patch of color, Bruise, Cavity, Chip, Cleavage, Cloud, Crystal, Crystal Surface, Etch Channel, Extra Facet, Feather, Flux Remnant, Indented Natural, Internal Graining, Internal Inscription, Internal Laser Drilling, Knot, Laser Drill Hole, Manufacturing Remnant, Minor Details of Polish, Natural, Needle, No Inclusion, Pinpoint, Reflecting Surface Graining, Surface Graining, Twinning Wisp

Mine of Origin

Possible field names:
Mine Of Origin, Country Of Origin, MOO, Mine_Of_Origin, COO, MineOrigin, Origin  
Possible values: the mine and/or country of origin

Canada Mark Eligible

Possible field names:
CM, CM Eligible, CM_Eligible
Possible values:
CM Eligible = yes, cm_eligible, Y
Not Eligible = no, n


Possible field names:
Enhance, Enhancement, Enhancements, Treatments, HPHT  
Possible values:
Laser Drilled = Laser Drilled, LD
Irradiated = Irradiated, IRR
Clarity Enhanced= Clarity Enhanced, Fracture Filled, CE
Color Enhanced = Color Enhanced, COL
HPHT = High Pressure High Temperature, HPHT
OT = Other (enter any other type of treatment), OT

If this field is empty it will be assumed that there is no treatment.

Media Fields

Note: if you are unable to host these files yourself, you can upload them on the Nivoda Dashboard. For more information about that, look here.


Possible field names: Diamond Image, Image, ImageFile, Photo, PhotoLink, ImageLink, Image Link, Photo Link
Possible values: the link to your image


Possible field names: Diamond Video, v360, V360, Video, Video Link, VideoLink
Possible values: the link to your video or video page

Certificate PDF

Possible field names: CertFile, CertFilename, CertificateFile, CertificateFilename, CertificateImage, CertImage, File  
Possible values: the link to your certificate PDF

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