Connecting to our diamond feeds is the quickest and easiest way to show our diamond supply on your website directly to your customers. You can either connect via our API or by a shared FTP server. Using our diamonds feeds will give you access to hundreds of suppliers' inventory, all managed through one simple Nivoda API integration or server connection.

You can then manage your feeds on a supplier by supplier basis through our Feed Center where you can request access to more diamonds or disable connections. Once connections have been requested, please allow suppliers up to 48 hours to grant access to their stock. If your request is pending for more than 48 hours, please email [email protected] for assistance.

For feed filtration you can either do this on your end or ask our team to filter the parameters that you'd like to show on your website. For example, only diamonds with image or video, nothing below an I color, or no clarity below SI2.

When it comes to markups, these will be set on your side prior to having the diamonds go live.

Please Note: diamond prices are shared by suppliers who have opted into the feed sharing program. Please do check all diamond prices before they go live on to your website or a third party vendor.

Connecting with API Feeds

To access the sample environment, visit the following:

Username: nivoda-dev

Password: appdev321

Click “Docs” in the top right to view the authentication method.

You can authenticate with your email and password used to

login to the website.

After authenticating and retrieving the $token, you can search

for diamonds like this:

FTP Server

If you prefer connecting to our FTP server, please get in contact with our support team who will provide you with FTP logins. Otherwise we can also upload a CSV file with the diamonds to be uploaded to your FTP login details.

For connecting to both natural and lab grown diamond feeds, you will require two separate CSV files which our team will provide. Feeds refresh every 3 hours but can be set to custom timings as well.

Videos & Images

Example video link:

You can change the [500]/[500] at the end of the URL to

resize the video.

Example image link:


You can also use optimized .webp versions of the images:


To get started with our diamond feeds, please reach out to [email protected] 

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