At Nivoda, we want to make virtual selling as easy as possible. To facilitate this, you can download or copy the link to any image or video on the Nivoda platform to share with your customers.

The links and downloaded media will be unbranded so you can freely share with your customers without worrying about B2B pricing being visible.

For any diamond that has a video and / or image, click on the arrow beneath the diamond media as highlighted in yellow below. This will bring up 4 options including the ability to copy the image link, copy the video link, download the image, or download the video.

By clicking on copy image link or copy video link, you'll receive a success message at the top right of the platform indicating that the unbranded link will be copied to your clipboard for sharing.

Clicking on download image will download a jpeg file and clicking on download video will download an mp4 file of the diamond to your computer. Please allow about 10-15 seconds for the video download to be ready to complete.

You can now also share media with ease on the Nivoda App. To do so, click on the image or video you’d like to share and select the download arrow icon in the top right hand corner.

Selecting the icon will open your phone’s sharing menu where you can send the image or video through any of your messaging apps.

If you have any questions or feedback, please email our support team at [email protected].

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