Our Customer Facing Mode (CFM) is a tool created to help boost both your in-person and virtual sales. By accessing the CFM, you'll transform the Nivoda marketplace to become your company's digital inventory to always have the right diamond to close a sale.

The Basics

You can now customize the Nivoda platform by:

- Adding your markups by both carat weight or diamond value brackets

- Add your company's logo and color scheme to the website

- Customize your domain URL to remove any mention of Nivoda

- Toggle which diamond characteristics you'd like to show your customers (for example eye clean, BGM, measurements or location data)

By customizing the Nivoda platform with your company branding, it'll instantly give your customers the feeling that you're selling directly off of your website.

How it works

To edit your Customer Facing Mode settings, you can click on the Profile Icon on the top right hand side of the desktop, click on "Settings >> Customer Facing Mode".

A pop-up will appear allowing you to edit the following parameters.

Add your markups either by Carat Weight or Price Value brackets. Enter your bottom and top parameters along with your desired margin to save those values. Click on "Add Row" to add more values as desired.

Note: Values will automatically save for you

Select the currency under the price display header to choose in which currency you'd like the delivered pricing to show. For UK customers, you can toggle the VAT on and off by clicking on the "Show Taxes" button. Green for VAT included and Red for Excluding VAT.

In the Diamond Information - Search Results section, you'll customize exactly which characteristics are displayed when showing diamonds to your customers. This will edit the details shown on the search results page after filtering for the customer's requirements.

Similarly, you can also edit the same characteristics for the Diamond Information - Product Page. The Product Page is the detailed page for one specific diamond when clicking into that diamond's description. This could be a good chance to show more details than the standard search results.

Note: The standard information displayed for both the Search Results and Product Page includes the diamond image, 360 video, carat, shape, lab, color, clarity and cut.

To put the finishing touches on the Customer Facing Mode and truly transform it into your company's look and feel, you can upload your company's logo and edit the color scheme based on your branding.

Upload any .svg or .png file directly from your computer (220 x 80px) and have your logo in the top left hand side of the CFM visible. You can then select the color scheme in either Hex or RGB format to customize the the platform to your liking.

How to Access the Customer Facing Mode

To access the CFM, you can click on the button on the top left hand side of the desktop site called "Activate Customer Facing Mode".

Clicking on that button will open a new tab and prompt you to login once again to the Customer Facing website. You'll have to re-enter your login details for the first time upon logging in.

Note: The new tab will have the customized URL hiding any mention of Nivoda.

Note 2: If you've forgotten your password, you can click on "Reset" beneath the login to receive a password reset link. This will reset your password both for the Customer Facing Mode and the platform / app itself.

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